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Contemplative Activism

a workshop for faith-based leaders and organizations

"Contemplative Activism supports those who are concerned about the needs of their neighbors by nurturing their inner life to authentically energize their active life." - Gravity Center

About Contemplative Activism

Cultivating an inner life to sustain ministry and social action for faith-based leaders and organizations..... need more intro

This workshop includes:

  • an introduction to contemplation

  • identifying the connection between contemplation and spiritual identity development

  • an exploration of contemplative activism & its impact on leadership development

  • guided meditations for discerning leader health and growth opportunities

  • experiencing contemplative practices

  • resources for establishing sustainable rhythms of practice

This workshop is available to anyone interested in discovering the intersection between their own spiritual formation and their engagement in ministry service, leadership, and/or social action and change:

  • Ministry Leader Peer Groups (i.e. local pastors or communities of practice)

  • Church or Organization Staff & Leadership Teams

  • Church Congregation or Small Group

  • Organization Volunteer Teams

  • Church or Organization Retreat Participants


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