investing in Anchorage leaders' heads, hearts, and hands

We believe social service providers and ministry leaders who practice self-care and wellness—in particular those who take care of the spiritual part of themselves—experience a lower rate of burnout and turnover while performing better in their work.

Our focus is strengthening the social service and faith sectors by developing individual's spiritual health towards sustainability in their work, and therefore the strengthening the health of the organization and the quality of service for those being served.

We provide essential training and creating communities of support amongst direct service providers in social service organizations or amongst ministry leaders in churches and other faith-based organizations. 

Whether you see spirituality through the lens of organized religion or as the part of yourself relating to your spirit or life force,

Everyone has a spirituality; it is not an optional part of being human.


Build Community &

Cultivate Affinity 

The emphasis on self-care and spirituality is often on the individual. However, the work in your organization (and all of life) is not done solo but in relationship.


Developing one’s spirituality in a group:

  • Reflects the reality of work and life

  • Provides broad support in personal health and work

  • Creates a community that will foster a culture of spirituality as part of self-care and wellness in the organization

Foster Spiritual


Spiritual formation can be defined as the way one manages the madness of life. Everyone manages this madness differently in healthy or unhealthy ways.

Explore a menu of healthy ways to handle the madness to live and work in a healthy and whole way, including:

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Contemplative Practices

  • Spiritual Disciplines

  • Community Formation

Develop a 

"Spirituality from Below"

Secondary trauma can be seen as carrying the darkness of what has been experienced with you, which can kill your soul or your spirit. Serving people in difficult places can often cause a struggle or crisis of spirituality.


A Spirituality from Below:

  • Developed from within the context of one's work and life

  • Provides a way of seeing and celebrating good news in hard places

  • Allows one to access their spirituality within crisis 




Social service cohorts

  • Develop an understanding of the connection between spirituality and work by exploring the concepts of "Spirituality from Below" and a "Spirituality of Suffering."

  • Map your personal and organizational "hurt, heart, and hope" to inspire imagination​ toward tailored spiritual practices and asset-based growth.

  • Discover the necessity of personal and communal spiritual formation for sustainable work.

  • Explore and experience an expansive range of spiritual practices and establish a personal plan for sustainability.

  • Build a community of practice within your organization (or within a similar organization) to practice sustainable spiritual rhythms, support each other at a personal and spiritual level in the work, and strengthen the overall core community within the organization.

ministry leader cohorts

  • Coming soon!

Cohort Design

Cohort designs are flexible to accommodate the needs of your organization and to be as inclusive of as many staff as possible.



The opening intensive involves    three four-hour sessions

over a three-day period

with facilitated discussion and engaging activities.



Six two-hour gatherings over a three-month period provide ongoing learning and support in building a community of practice.



The closing intensive is

one full day session to launch the community of practice and explore strategies for nurturing organizational culture.