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A contribution of any amount to the Anchorage UTC is an investment in the sustainability of those doing the incredible work of serving and leading throughout our community.

Sustainability Cohort Alumni

Sustainability Cohort Alumni

Sustainability Cohort Alumni

Spirituality is absolutely essential in continuing work in this field... The spiritual practices greatly helped my  emotional, psychological, and social disposition. The inner peace from it bleeds into work and family life.

Sustainability Cohort Alumni

Thank you for partnering with us 

& our collaborative initiatives throughout the city of Anchorage!

The sustainability cohort has allowed me to embrace connecting my spirituality to my work by giving me community and accountability... resulting in improved work efforts and increased patience and security in creating relationships with our clients and in creating programming.

Sustainability Cohort Alumni

Donations are processed through Paypal.

If you prefer a direct donation method,

please email us for options!


Donations are tax-deductible. 

Support comes in a variety of forms, from following us to funding us.

Explore the following opportunities to help sustain us in our mission!


Following us on social media and receiving our newsletters not only keeps you in the loop, but increases our potential to share with others the opportunities we provide.


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Help us expand our reach in quick and impactful ways:

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fund US

Funding us goes beyond your much appreciated financial gifts. 

There are other meaningful ways to contribute that sustains us in implementing our mission.

  • Submit a request to your organization, church, or community to host a cohort.

  • Share our work with anyone in your extended circle of influence and encourage them to participate.

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