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welcome to the anchorage

We are investing in Anchorage leaders

who are working in social services, non-profits, and other helping professions.

We are developing stronger collaborative relationships

between these leaders and their organizations.

We are supporting our city's collective work

to make things right for all people in Anchorage,

especially the most vulnerable.

We desire to create spaces    for leaders to reflect on and discern life-giving principles    for life and work.



We desire to create spaces for leaders to anchor themselves in spiritually formative practices within a spiritually supportive community.



We desire to strengthen and support leaders who are creating transformative spaces throughout our city. 



We desire for Anchorage to experience Shalom -- 

"everything the way its

supposed to be" for all people.



Burnout is an occupational phenomenon,

particularly for leaders in the fields of human services, social work, ministries, and other helping professions.


Leaders can cultivate work and life sustainability through being

  • Anchored by a philosophy or a theology

  • Centered within one's spirituality 

  • Holistically embraced inside a community

We are inclusive.

We apply a broad definition of spirituality,

allowing individuals to apply principles of

teaching and practices to their own worldview. 

We nurture an environment where all traditions and journeys are welcome.

We are training the heads, hearts, and hands of Anchorage leaders to love their city and seek its peace. 


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