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Contemplative Activism

a workshop for faith-based leaders and organizations

"Contemplative Activism supports those who are concerned about the needs of their neighbors by nurturing their inner life to authentically energize their active life." - Gravity Center

About Contemplative Activism

Contemplation often brings to mind specific, usually solitary, practices like prayer or meditation. While these certainly are contemplative practices, the rich ancient and contemporary traditions of contemplation are rooted in the intention of opening and surrendering to the loving presence and action of God in our lives and the world around us. Contemplation, then, encompasses an inward journey of spiritual transformation and outward journey of living responsively in the world that is paved through both those individual and communal practices.

Cultivating an inner life to sustain ministry and social action for faith-based leaders and organizations

“Contemplation is the practice of being fully present—in heart, mind, and body—to what is in a way that allows you to creatively respond and work

toward what could be.” - Center for Action and Contemplation

Contemplative activism involves a way of being in the world that informs our actions toward a more compassionate and just way of life for all of creation.  A posture of contemplative activism activates a cycle of action, reflection, and discernment required to do our work well and flourish as people. If we are only contemplative in the most narrow of definitions through engaging in spiritual practices, we become withdrawn and isolated from the world. If we are only focused on the actions we take, we become frenzied in our doing and our actions become ill-informed of the realities of ourselves and the world. 

“Contemplation leads to just and compassionate action,

and action born from the heart of God leads to contemplation.”

Phileena Heuertz, Contemplative Activism as a Model for Mission

This workshop includes:

  • an introduction to Christian contemplation

  • identifying the connection between contemplation and spiritual identity development

  • an exploration of contemplative activism & its impact on leadership development

  • guided meditations for discerning leader health and growth opportunities

  • experiencing contemplative practices

  • resources for establishing sustainable rhythms of practice

This workshop is available to anyone interested in discovering the intersection between their own spiritual formation and their engagement in ministry service, leadership, and/or social action and change:

  • Ministry Leader Peer Groups (i.e. local pastors or communities of practice)

  • Church or Organization Staff & Leadership Teams

  • Church Congregation or Small Group

  • Organization Volunteer Teams

  • Church or Organization Retreat Participants


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The training on Contemplative Activism was what I needed as a leader and meeting facilitator. I was empowered to bring reflection and contemplative practices into more of our own organizational staff meetings. I found the context and modeling of diverse formation practices helpful to myself and several other staff members.

Participant from the

Salem Leadership Foundation

Staff & Board 2021 Retreat

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