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A cohort designed to grow a deeper understanding of spirituality that transcends vocation, cultivates a life-giving community of practice, and develops generative, sustainable spiritual practices for life and work.

Spirituality for Sustainability Cohort 2022

for Leaders in Churches and Faith Organizations

Deepen the care of your own soul




TBD based on current Municipality COVID-19 restrictions and capacity.

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Key Details

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Cohort designs are flexible to accommodate the needs of participants and/or organizations.


The 2022 Cohort participants will determine the time and date of the bi-monthly check-ins and the closing intensive based on group availability majority during the opening intensive.


The opening intensive involves three, three-hour sessions over a three-day period with facilitated discussion and engaging activities.

Thursday, January 20, 5-8 pm

with catered meal

Friday, January 21, 1-4 pm

Saturday, January 22, 1-4 pm



Six two-hour gatherings over a three-month period provide ongoing learning and support in building a community of practice.

February - April 2022

TBD with Cohort Participants



The closing intensive is one four hour session to launch the community of practice and explore strategies for nurturing organizational culture.

May 2022

TBD with Cohort Participants

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Cohorts are 12-15 participants. Once you reserve your seat, you will be sent an invoice for the cohort cost of $600. If the cost is prohibitive, please contact us. Confirmation of your payment will guarantee your spot in the cohort. 

This cohort is for those who want to grow deeper and continue investing in their own spiritual health and formation for their own sake and for those they serve. Here are some indicators that will help you discern if this cohort is a good fit for you. Please mark each box:

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I have witnessed how Joel and Jessica have come to know the need for and the benefit of this kind of soul and life sustaining support through their own personal experiences.


I have also witnessed the need for it in the lives of those ministering in our city: people who give themselves tirelessly (while personally exhausted in body, soul and spirit) with a deep sense of call to serve others. 

Dave Kuiper, Christian Health Associates

 Anchorage Pastor Emeritus

Spirituality is absolutely essential in continuing work in this field... The spiritual practices greatly helped my emotional, psychological, and social disposition. The inner peace from it bleeds into work and family life.

Social Services Sustainability Cohort Alumni

Recognizing how our idea of self, God, and a connection to a calling all inform the work we do is vital to maintaining why we do the work. Maintaining our why is essential to preventing burnout. It also helps us stay innovative in how we accomplish our work and undergirds efforts towards sustainability in our work.

JP Ouellette, Peacemaking Partners

& Office of Children Services

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