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Group Spiritual Direction

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a sacred listening space

spiritual transformation in community

About Group Spiritual Direction

Group spiritual direction is a sacred space for a small group to listen carefully to their own soul needs and the needs of others in the group, to experience transformational dialogue with God, to allow the Holy Spirit to direct our lives, and to experience formation—the process of being conformed to the Image of Christ for the sake of others.


Group spiritual direction refocuses our attention on what God is doing in the ordinary and extraordinary moments of our daily lives, quiets our inner busyness to make space to hear God's still small voice, and to experience God's invitation to healing and growth in the presence of God and others.

Recommended Reading: "Seeking God Together" by Alice Fryling


By appointment

with two Group

Spiritual Directors


6-9 weeks*

90 minute sessions

*depending on group size


$50 per person

per session*

*scholarships may be available

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