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Kindling Curiosity

Take a fun quiz! What is your curiosity type?   

(Britannica's Curiosity Compass)

Read an interesting article: Curiosity: Why It Matters, Why We Lose It And How To Get It Back (Forbes: Christy Geiger, Executive Leadership Coach)

Explore something new: Empowering the Curious @Seeker

Consider a podcast! Try Discovery's Curiosity Daily or Grokkist's Still Curious

Playing Basketball

Reflection Prompts:
Rediscovering Play

Play brings joy to daily life, helps relieve stress, boosts mental health and can even enhance physical well-being. Here are some reflection prompts to help you reconnect with your playful side:

  • What activities brought me joy and a sense of playfulness as a child? How can I incorporate elements of those activities into my life now?

  • Describe a recent moment when I felt truly carefree and playful. What was I doing, and what made it enjoyable?

  • Reflect on any hobbies or interests I've set aside over the years. Why did I stop doing them, and how can I reintroduce them into my life now?

  • Write about a playful adventure or experience I've always wanted to try. What's holding me back, and how can I overcome those obstacles to pursue it?

  • Make a list of "play dates" with myself. What are some activities I can do alone that bring me joy and allow me to unwind?

  • Think back to a time when I laughed uncontrollably. What was the situation, and what made it so funny? How can I invite more laughter into my life?

  • Consider the people in my life who embody a playful spirit. What can I learn from them, and how can I surround myself with more playful influences?

  • Describe my ideal playground – not necessarily a physical space, but a metaphorical one where I feel free to explore, experiment, and have fun.

  • Reflect on any self-imposed rules or restrictions that limit my ability to play. How can I challenge these limitations and give myself permission to be playful?

  • Write a letter to my inner child, expressing gratitude for their playful spirit and promising to nurture it as I grow older.

These prompts can serve as a starting point for your journey towards rediscovering play. Have fun exploring and embracing your playful side!

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