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Ampersand Simple Text

renew & embrace

wholeness for sustainability
in life & work

Specially designed for individuals working in social service organizations

interactive reflective experiences

The Ampersand Series applies a broad definition of spirituality,
allowing individuals to apply principles of teaching and practices to their own spirituality.
We nurture an environment where all traditions and journeys are welcome.

The Ampersand Series was developed after a season of listening to the needs of several social service organizations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We heard the need for staff to have space to process the challenges they faced and rediscover hope for the future. So we created a series of workshops designed to support participants in their pursuit of health, sustainability, and hope in the midst of any crisis, pervasive challenge, and/or burnout.

"This opportunity for facilitated reflection is essential for maintaining a healthy workforce, especially with the fields of social work."

Participant from the

Alaska Office of Children's Services

"The Ampersand Series was a refreshing and revitalizing experience. It forced me to be present with my thoughts, needs, and emotions and encouraged me to instill positive changes in my life."

Participant from the

Alaska Humanities Forum

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